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Lafert Electric Motors

The Lafert Group is a leading European motor company that has built a reputation for the manufacture of customised Electric Motors and Drives. Focused on the areas of Industrial Automation, Energy Saving and Wind Power, the group is strongly oriented toward technological innovation. With the target to improve performance while reducing environmental impact, energy efficiency and product customisation to meet individual customer requirements are fundamental. Over 90% of the units produced are non-standard motors.
Established in 1962, Lafert started as a manufacturer of Asynchronous motors to drive pumps and fans, the product range was increased twenty plus years ago when the group entered into the business area of Brushless servo motors for Industrial Automation. Since 2003, Lafert have combined their knowledge to develop state-of-the-art products based upon Permanent Magnet Technology that meet the European efficiency levels of IE4 and IE5.
Lafert is also strong in the Lift sector offering a Gearless compact solution for home and commercial lifts.


Efficient, naturally Technical innovation at the service of environmental sustainability

As integral components of complex equipment, frequently unseen externally, electric motors are evaluated on their level of quality in terms of physical performance and reliability as well as the increasingly relevant and current issue of energy efficiency.

To satisfy these testing demands, Lafert's capabilities are demonstrated in two essential roles

  • the technical and organisational capacity to control directly the production of every motor component, from shaft lamination and flanges to the insulation: attention to detail that guarantees a customized product, adaptable to any non-standard design or specification, to satisfy precise application demands:
  • commitment to protecting the environment through research and development oriented towards the combination of optimized performance, energy savings and maximum flexibility of both products and production processes.

Today, our solutions power the sustainable technology: motors with high functionality and low environmental impact targeted at the heart of systems requiring high efficiency and performance such as ventilation systems, pumps, lifts, lifting systems, industrial automation, packaging and more.


Lafert’s gearless LIFT motor series has established the company internationally as one of the industry's leading manufacturers. The motor’s innovative design, with its protected encoder and no external cabling, offers compactness and low weight, ideal for home lift systems or new concept (more...)
High Performance Motors (HP) are an innovative range of PM (Permanent Magnet) Synchronous Motors with integrated sensor-less drive (HPI range), achieving IE4 Super Premium Efficiency level, that offers improved efficiency and reduced operating costs. This uniquely engineered product combines the (more...)
When food, beverage, pharmaceutical or other hygiene-critical production plants are washed down, motors are subjected to high-pressure jets of sometimes high-temperature water, or aggressive cleaning agents. European manufactured and exceeding IP66 during external testing, the Marlin Stainless (more...)
Manufacturing brushless motors with permanent magnet motors since the early 90’s, Lafert offers extensive proven expertise in this continuously developing technology. This know-how is combined with the company’s on-going drive for excellence and its ability to offer non-standard (more...)
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