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LG Motion

LG Motion Ltd designs, manufactures, integrates and supplies electromechanical automation equipment.

Strong relationships with world leading partners for the supply of synergistic components combine to empower LG Motion to partner customers with a personal and professional service that delivers the enabling motion technology they need to succeed.

Enabling motion through design and manufacturing innovation

LG Motion partner customers across manufacturing and research who need motion control to automate processes and to position components for manufacturing, test or scientific research. These requirements are of course very diverse, so we work closely from project conception through to delivery and beyond, to ensure that our motion solutions more than fulfill specifications, project timescales and budgets.


Some clients choose the components they want and simply integrate them into their own systems. Support may not be required but discussions to understand the application objectives at the design stage can optimise selection. Others simply know the final result they need and call on us to help integrate the right components into an existing system or replicate it entirely.

Diversity and experience – our motion systems

You may simply know what you want to achieve but are not sure how to get there. This is where our diverse knowledge and experience comes into play.

When we get a requirement for a motion control solution – with specific issues or potential problems that may arise during a project – we’ve usually come across the situation before, whether it is hardware, software or a combination of both. Luckily, we are also a tenacious bunch so every challenge is an opportunity to learn – from the most experienced members of our team to our apprentices. That’s how we’ve gained the experience we have and will continue to do so – we love a challenge!

With complementary products and services, we enable OEMs and research organisations to build and implement automated processes. Through design and manufacturing capabilities we supply you a solution as components or as complete fully tested sub-systems.

In order to support the continued growth of its business in an increasingly complex technical automation environment, LG Motion is investing in trainees and apprentices, with Ben Kiefer (pictured with MD Gary Livingstone) being the latest apprentice to join the company. Ben is taking up an (more...)
Published: - 4th August 2017
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