X-STK confirmed as Preferred Partner for Universal Robots
Posted to News on 15th Nov 2016, 00:00

X-STK confirmed as Preferred Partner for Universal Robots

X-STK | Applied Automation is delighted to announce it has been confirmed as Universal Robots’ Preferred Partner after only ten months. The elevation in status from distributor to Preferred Partner is recognition of X-STK’s superior performance selling the collaborative robots in the UK. UR has seen a 120% increase in robots sold in the UK market since X-STK signed up in January.

X-STK confirmed as Preferred Partner for Universal Robots

The new status will also mean more benefits for customers who can take advantage of the X-STK team’s technical knowledge and expertise, an enhanced level of support and access to resources including training.

Managing director, David Rowe said: “Our sales team has been incredibly impressed with these robots and the reaction of the market. We are selling them to a broad range of industries and for many different applications. The market response has been phenomenal and I’m very pleased our successes are being rewarded with this promotion from Universal Robots.”

The collaborative robots from Universal Robots are a game changer for industry. Their cost efficient price, fast return on investment and flexibility are making it possible for companies to automate new processes. As a tool for manufacturing, these cobots can work safely alongside employees and are easy to program. They are proving hugely popular and resulting in increased efficiency when working collaboratively with humans. 10,000 UR cobots are now in operation around the world. In the UK, X-STK has sold robots into sectors including automotive, white goods and education.

Per Kloster Poulsen, Universal Robots regional sales director said: “We wish X-STK | Applied Automation congratulations with the Preferred Partner status. Getting the Preferred Status in less than a year is a solid achievement and we appreciate the good cooperation we have and are looking forward to continue this for many years ahead. We have potential for exponential growth for collaborative robots in the UK market and it is therefore crucial for Universal Robots to team up with partners with high technical competence and professionalism such as Applied Automation in order to achieve this.”

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