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Advanced Engineering 2020

NEC, Birmingham(B40 1NT)

04/11/2020 - 05/11/2020

The UK's largest annual advanced manufacturing trade show, Advanced Engineering is your opportunity to (more)

Drives & Controls Exhibition

NEC, Birmingham(B40 1NT)

25/01/2021 - 27/01/2021

The show brings together key suppliers of state-of-the-art equipment representing the multi-tasking culture (more)

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Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? Well, to answer that question, let's consider shopping for shoes and handbags. On second thoughts, boys, I'll spare you that one. Instead, let's use Douglas Adams as our start point, where, as we all know, the answer to the ultimate question of life, (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 16th May 2008
What do the windscreen wiper, the dishwasher and the technology behind the bullet-proof vest all have in common? You may be surprised to learn that they were all invented by women. The windscreen wiper was the idea of Mary Anderson in 1903. She devised a gadget that had a rubber-bladed squeegee on (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 16th April 2008
As I write, the cost of crude oil has just hit $1.14 a barrel. And there's no sign of the price coming back down any time soon. The pundits are predicting a price peak of around $1.50 through the year, and are warning to expect a minimum hovering price of $1.50. Driving up to friends at the weekend, (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 3rd April 2008
As a youngster, I was not exactly what you'd call a girly girl. When all my friends wanted to be ballerinas or nannies or show jumpers or beauticians, I was utterly convinced that I was going to be the UK's first female astronaut. To the consternation of my parents, I was forever rearranging sofa (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 14th March 2008
The pride and joy of my hi-fi cabinet is a Sugden A21 integrated amplifier. Not the recently introduced, thoroughly modern A21a Series 2 unfortunately, or even the model it replaced - the sublime sounding but slightly less powerful A21a. No, mine is a 1972 vintage A21, delivering 12 Watts of pure (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 2nd March 2008
Roller coasters are extreme environments, and one thing I discovered on a little trip to Disneyland in the new year is that there are two types of women on roller coaster rides. The silent type, and the screamers. And I'm somewhat embarrassed to report that I'm a screamer. C'est la vie.Another thing (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 20th February 2008
If there is one thing more frightening than an industry that appears to have no idea what it's doing, then it's an industry that appears have no idea what it's doing but where no one gets paid unless they actually do something. I'm talking, of course, about dentistry, and if you detect a touch of (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 2nd February 2008
The discovery of a gas leak outside my home a couple of weeks ago was something of a concern, but I'm relieved to report that the relevant body responded very quickly. A chap arrived within the hour armed with a sniffer, and confirmed that there was a leak somewhere along the pipe leading into my (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 8th January 2008
Memory does tend to play tricks on you, but I would swear that 30-odd years ago when I was a young lad, summers used to be at their peak through July and August, and you were guaranteed snow from Christmas through to February. Today, summer doesn't seem to get going until September, and you're more (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 10th December 2007
Machinery Safety has become something of a bugbear in this country. We've discovered that, as an industrial community, we're actually not terribly good at implementing functional safety to our competitive advantage, and it's become quite fashionable to have a pop at the European bureaucrats who are (more...)
Industrial Technology - NEWS
Published: - 1st November 2007
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